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Partnering with Internationally recognized professionals to deliver a higher quality product.


Most of us leaving in diaspora are always investing in their countries of our origins and there has always been a need to work with those countries in developing countries so that their infrastructures and technologies are of international standard. We are a team of Americans born and raised in Africa with a dream of developing African continent in different sectors by partnering with professionals in different sectors to ensure that we are delivering products of high quality.


We are part of the diaspora community in USA with a goal to facilitate our fellow citizens of the world all of the planet, access and live high standard life. We are specialized in remodeling infrastructure including buildings, roads, information technology and supply management. Whether is building one store or fifty stores building our team will execute the work and deliver a high quality in a timely and professional manner.Our IT professionals are known for developing different type of software applications and offer training to the end-users ensuring that the software program is user friendly. There are many opportunities that are inaccessible lack of modern technology. Americanbuz main goal is to facilitate business to business, business to individuals and individuals to business operate and increase their revenue through a digital market place. Beside private sector, we also help public sector throughout the continent build digital infrastructure that will allow them compete in this era of globalization. Our supply chain management team also ensures that public and private sectors are supplied with offices and household equipment hassles free.


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